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Choose your pricing plan

  • Thorn Member

    Every week
    perfect for those are have been doing your inner work and you need a little guidance.
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • This plan duration is 30days
    • 1 hour One on one weekly sessions
    • Four weekly exercises/lessons to complete each week!
    • Two free yoga classes
    • Access to online info and videos
  • Rosebud Membership

    Every month
    perfect for some that needs help and guidance in their journey.
    Valid for 2 months
    • This Plan is 8 weeks
    • 2 Reiki sessions
    • 8 one on one weekly sessions
    • 8 weekly exercises/lessons to complete weekly!
    • access to online info and videos
  • Rose Member

    Every month
    perfect for things who a little extra guidance and push on their healing journey.
    Valid for 3 months
    • this plan is 90 days
    • 12 one on one weekly sessions
    • 12 weekly exercises/lessons to complete
    • 3 Reiki sessions
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